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vetements responsables et made in france pour enfants

How to dress our kids
with circular
and creative fashion?

“I am Estelle, the founder of Maison Géant, and I am committed to offering creative clothing to dress our kids without destroying their planet.

I have always enjoyed dressing my child in fun pieces, his wardrobe quickly became my playground. But faced with a hyper-polluting textile industry and my child's ability to grow up so quickly, I asked myself how to continue to dress it without destroying its environment. So I taught myself to sew and used my skills as an artistic director to find alternatives.

It is from this reflection that Maison Géant was born, a house in which I offer you my solutions. And where, I hope, you will find the nuggets - made in France or vintage - that will allow you to enjoy dressing your kids while respecting the planet on which they grow up. »

vetements pour enfants et bébés made in france et vintage

Mixing new, well-designed and responsible pieces with vintage clothing is the solution to raise children without destroying their planet.

By mixing new pieces made ultra locally in Île de France from already produced textiles and cutting-edge vintage selections, I offer a responsible and fun wardrobe for little giants.

Because we can think about the planet by having fun dressing our kids and because fashion is a wonderful source of creativity for young and old.

So, let's play in Maison Géant !

vetements made in france et upcyclé pour enfants

A children's wardrobe made in France for local and committed fashion.

Maison Géant features pieces made at home or by solidarity workshops. Pieces that bring forgotten fabrics back to life and enhanced by creative prints or original color combinations.

Parts that do not require new raw materials and that respect the people who make them. Unisex pieces, designed to bring fun to our kids' wardrobe and sewn to last and be passed down from child to child.

Maison Géant clothing is designed by Estelle, the founder of the brand. Then, they are sewn by a reintegration workshop or by Estelle at home. Each piece has been made with passion and care so that our children are as stylish as they are comfortable in their clothes. The pieces are unisex and the loose cuts allow kids to move and live freely.

Because ethics can be cool and we can continue to enjoy dressing our children without damaging their future!

selection de vetements vintage pour enfants de Maison Géant

Sharp, unique vintage selections found with love!

Maison Géant also offers cutting-edge vintage selections with quality clothing that has already proven itself over time. I developed my love of vintage more than 15 years ago and became a specialist in finding gems. And vintage is also an opportunity to wear pieces that have become almost unique to our little giants!

The pieces are mainly second-hand or second-hand and are chosen for their quality. They are washed and ironed carefully before being sent to you. Sometimes, they are even repaired by hand if necessary (if this is the case, this is mentioned) so that you can enjoy it like a new piece!

By choosing vintage for your children, you support committed and ethical fashion and you create a assertive, creative and almost unique wardrobe for them!

Ultra local: designed in Pantin, sourced in Paris, sewn in Pantin or Saint-Denis, embroidered in Montreuil, printed in Celle-Saint-Cloud.

Maison Géant offers you products made in France. Because we already have the know-how and materials around us, we can produce less and less far away. This allows me to be in contact with partners and to defend the conviction that French production is a guarantee of quality and respect for people.

top imprimé violet upcyclé et made in france pour enfant de Maison Géant

Because the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world, Maison Géant uses as many upcycled materials as possible.

The collections are designed from stocks of already produced fabrics to adapt to what already exists. By increasing your creativity, it is possible to revive forgotten raw materials by constantly monitoring and adjusting the designs of the models to each fabric.

For haberdashery, Maison Géant favors organic and natural materials but it is difficult to obtain second-hand haberdashery whose composition is known. To make sure it doesn't contain toxic ingredients for kids, I buy it new and it can sometimes contain plastic.

I closely follow all the alternatives that are being put in place in favor of more responsible fashion and I maintain the flexibility to make the brand even more respectful of the planet in the future.


Solidarity know-how: Maison Géant works with committed workshops which make sewing a solidarity know-how.

People count as much as the planet, so by purchasing a piece of Maison Géant clothing, you can be assured that it has been made with respect for the people who made it.

The first Playwear collection was produced in collaboration withMode Estime in Saint-Denis, a reintegration workshop which uses sewing for the purposes of promoting people and professional integration.

No stereotypes: Maison Géant offers products without gender categories.

Maison Géant has a fun and colorful DNA that accompanies children and families, far from gender stereotypes.

Pieces designed without thinking about gender and designed to be worn by all kids. At Maison Géant, there are no colors for girls or boys, there are only the colors that you decide to have your little giants wear.

You will therefore not find gendered categories on the site but only product categories so that you have the freedom to choose what you like above all.